The Day in Photos: New Life Foundation

The Day in Photos: New Life Foundation

After a week of volunteering, yoga, thinking about our problems, talking about our problems, and eating the weight of our problems in Thai food, on Saturdays we all get to do a little bit less of each. Well, except the eating Thai food part. In fact, this past weekend a vegetarian chef from Chiang Mai visited the foundation to give our cooks a lesson on making awesome animal-friendly dishes.

Thai Cooking Vegetarian Chiang Rai

Mushrooms Thai Vegetarian Cooking Chiang Rai

On Saturdays, kids from the local village are invited to use the foundation’s pool. At first, I wasn’t sure how’d they feel about me taking pictures, but after a tentative first snap they were literally pushing each other under water to get in front of the camera.

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  1. photos are wonderful!


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