Afternoon in San Francisco: champagne, duct tape, and tacos (not as kinky as it sounds)

Afternoon in San Francisco: champagne, duct tape, and tacos (not as kinky as it sounds)

Before moving to Asia, I spent 10 days with my boyfriend in San Francisco. I made this “postcard” after an afternoon in the city that he had so lovingly planned (and I had vaguely demanded).  He started out the day in the kitchen, duct-taping a champagne bottle inside a plastic pitcher of ice. He wouldn’t tell me where we were going from there, but once champagne and duct tape are involved, its hard to imagine things would end poorly.

Nick's Crispy Tacos San Francisco

Our first stop was Nick’s Crispy Tacos for lunch. Taco place by day, dance club by night, we grabbed a circular red booth underneath one of the crystal chandeliers and prepared to feel swanky even while eating from a plastic basket.

We each ordered two crispy fish tacos “Nick’s way,” which means they adds of piles of guac and cheese on top of deep fried fish, slaw, and some sort of tangy magical white sauce made of unicorn dreams and possibly sour cream. Highly recommended. I can only imagine how amazing these would taste at 2am after hours of drunk dancing.

Bakers Beach San Francico

Fat and happy, we drove over to Baker’s Beach, southwest of the city. Despite the fact it’s a bit cold (sweat shirts, not bathing suits, appear to be the beach gear of choice in San Francisco), it’s a pretty gorgeous beach. To the right you can see the Golden Gate bridge and to the left the Bay opens up into the Pacific ocean.

We laid out a towel and he unpacked the duct-taped champagne cooler and two travel coffee mugs. We toasted to our awesome last few days together and our indisputable classiness.

Golden Gate Baker's Beach San Francisco A bottle of champagne later, it was time to test our flying skills with a purple parrot kite from a shop in Chinatown. As it turned out, we were really awesome at getting it to immediately nose dive into the sand. After 15 minutes of public shaming we were about to give up, when our kite went all little-engine-that-could and somehow managed climb into the sky. We were proud and briefly entertained. Then we spent the rest of the afternoon trying to get it to nose dive again.